Dino Dreamcare

Your child is our child and we provide five star care in a five star home where love and respect are first priority. Just ask the parents.

At Dino Dreamcare, your children will learn, enjoy, and thrive in their home away from home 🏡

Individual attention is our specialty

Our well trained, professional staff will ensure that your child learns, grows, and enjoys every single day with one-on-one attention — this sets apart us from daycare centers and kindergartens.

We believe that the 
best habits are 
formed in the first 7 

Count on us to make them count.

Nutrition is one of our top priorities at DinoDreamcare. Healthy eating is a habit that stays with children throughout their lives. We serve a wide variety of nutritious and exciting meals so little ones can stay healthy and happy, and have all the energy they need.

We celebrate in style at DinoDreamcare 😎 Whether it’s Earth Day, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Diwali, Christmas, or a birthday, no special day is missed 🎉

Safe and spacious backyard for children to get their exercise and fresh air every day!

Some reviews from our parents. For more, see our Blog page

“I am not sure if a parent can give a more sincere review than sending their second kid to the same school. That is exactly what we have done.”

“It indeed is a ‘dreamcare’. Anyone on the fence should not think twice. She and her team are the most transparent caregivers I have seen.”

“In 2 weeks my daughter started smiling and waving me good bye when I dropped her at daycare.”

“We were so impressed and we ended up recommending two other parents whose kids would be joining later this month.”

“Best home based daycare in Bay area. Highly recommend.”

Find out why our dinosaurs roar!

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32983 Brockway Street, Union City, CA 94587

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